We My photo headshot FINAL Vare excited to celebrate our Fifth Anniversary and proud to be a leading force  for helping entrepreneurs and innovators  navigate through modern financing options.  Our one of a kind Forum with its 360 degree  view of modern financing options for  entrepreneurial ventures continues to bring together a truly unique collection of the most influential players in FinTech and capital markets.


The broad range of venture financing topics we are offering this year is defining our goal to give the most objective view of what really works.  It also reflects our aim to spotlight the most innovative and supportive financing platforms and programs that would trigger creativity further and help the next generation entrepreneurs and financiers to fortify their positive impact


We all know that the world is interconnected – and at a time when many economies around the globe are currently facing a weak outlook, a key factor that will determine our progress is access to finance by entrepreneurial ventures.


The good news is that we are experiencing the beginning of a truly game-changing development in the venture financing world.

Not only has angel and venture capital become technologically accessible via rapidly evolving FinTech platforms, but last year’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval of the final rules of the JOBS Act means that starting May 16, 2016 unaccredited investors will have a legitimate opportunity to participate in private capital raising. With millions of prospective investors, FinTech-enabled crowdfunding is poised to become the largest venture financing industry surpassing venture capital and traditional angel investing.


We are pleased to also enrich our program with a group of distinguished speakers in charge of business grants and state programs that support SMB. The truth is – many laws and regulations have been designed to bend the marketplace in favor of big corporations. As a result, if we go beyond the tech-inflated hype, the number of startups created annually has fallen by about 20% since the 1970s while about two-thirds of the business grants and special tax credits issued by the federal government are typically awarded to big corporations. We would love to start a conversation about a greater alignment between the objectives of the federal/state agencies existing to support small businesses and innovative undertakings with the entrepreneurial community.

Exploring the wide range of venture financing topics in conjunction with global prospects makes our event as timely as ever and empowers everyone in the audience.


 We are truly grateful to our top notch partners and sponsors who represent some of the most forward-looking companies and organizations and hope you can join us this year.



 Victoria Silchenko, Ph.D.

Creator & Producer  of Metropole Global