Testimonials 2014


I found the conference constructive and made several meaningful contacts as result of attending.  The panel approach, as an audience encouraging technique, works in terms of exposing a lot of people to meeting attendees.

– Arthur Lipper, world renowned financier, author, inventor (creator of Lipper Index and stock index futures), and philanthropist


Congratulations on your event – amazing quality, very important and interesting info and great speakers.

– Bill Black, Founder & Host at ExitCoachRadio.com


I enjoyed (the Forum). It is extremely difficult to put many different types of interest in the same space. But people like you and the effort you put in make it happens. Keep up the good work.

– David Khorram,  Director & CKO at Crowdfundingplanning.com


I’m interested in the equity crowdfunding space, including both the business and legal implications, and I think the panels were very informative on that issue in particular. I really did enjoy the event overall. Great job!

– Shahrokh Sheik, Partner, Kramer Holcomb Sheik LLP


I had a great time.  Congratulations, you produced an excellent event.  Loved finding out about bitcoin.   Fascinating.  Thank you so much.

– Michael Berk, BAYWATCH Creator and Producer


Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Forum. You did a fantastic job getting a bunch of very interesting people in the room and I love the one day format. Keep up the great work!

– Josef Holm, Founder & CEO of TubeStart


Metropole Capital’s Alternative Funding Forum provided an array of perspectives from experts across various fields of finance and funding alternatives with big picture and concrete information to help navigate the brave new world of seeking capital. As the world of capital shifts, forums like these are needed to provide for open discussions and to build a community of talented, successful investors and entrepreneurs to network and cross pollinate new domains as the landscape continues to change.

– Pilar Stella, Managing Partner and Founder, Alchemy P4; Forbes contributor


The conference was great. These things are a ton of work and you did a great job. Thanks for including me.

Jon Funk, Venture Capitalist,  Founding Partner of Ocean Road Partners


I enjoyed the forum and was happy to be part of it!

– Reeve Collins, Co-founder & CEO at Tether


I wanted to thank you for having me as a speaker at your forum. It was a great experience.

– Vincent Bradley,CEO & Co-Founder at FlashFunders


Thank you for having me. I think the content was excellent and (the Forum) was really well done!!

– Kati Suominen, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, TradeUp Capital Fund


Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate (at the Forum). Everyone was so nice and interesting and I found it very worthwhile.”   

– Maura Kawai, USFCS, U.S. Department of Commerce


“Thank you. I’d be happy to participate in any future events like this.”

– Ian Truitne, Entrepreneur and Producer


Enjoyed your event very much!

Mike Panesis, Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship


I was honored being on the stage with iconic guys. I met a few people I quite liked, because they do what I don’t, and approach things differently. Thank you for inviting me!

– Huston Huddleston, CEO & Founder, Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and New Starship Foundation


You did a phenomenal job with the conference!

–  Jon Nash, serial entrepreneur


Great event. Thanks!”   

– Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler, Dean, School of Management, California Lutheran UniversityTESTIMONIALS 2013